Sunday, July 19, 2015

Song Review: Worth It by Fifth Harmony feat. Kid Ink

Hello everyone! Thought I'd never come back, didn't ya? Well, here I am! To be completely honest with you, I was inspired to come back after seeing a particular hashtag on Twitter. While I was perusing the site last night, I saw this among the trending topics:

Apparently, the music video for girl group Fifth Harmony & rapper Kid Ink's summer smash hit "Worth It" was taken down on Youtube due to containing "repetitive, misleading, or inappropriate content" despite already having amassed 100 million + views. Most sources blamed the removal on the sexualization of two of Fifth Harmony's members who happened to be under 18 at the time of the  video's filming. Harmonizers (what Fifth Harmony's fans call themselves) freaked out to the point that #WeWantWorthItBackOnYoutube trended in the US, causing Youtube to reupload the video earlier this morning. While I don't really care about "controversies" (& most music videos in general) like this, I do care about the music involved, which inspired me to take a couple of listens to "Worth It" & review it. On to the review!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'M BACK!!!!!

New review up tomorrow! I'm sorry it took this long. In fact, you could say I'm Sorry 4 the Wait ;).